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MUNCAN – TABOLA – SIDEMEN TREK ( Long trek 3-4 hrs)

MUNCAN – TABOLA – SIDEMEN TREK ( Long trek 3-4 hrs)

The trek start from the village of Padang Aji on the slope of Mt. Agung where you can see beautiful view. Pass salak plantation (snake skin fruit), spring water, rice paddies, village , bamboo forest, rice terraces , coffee, clove, cacao and many more of tropical plantation. On the half way of the trek, you will be served by young coconut on the village by local people. Then continue through bamboo forest, villages and beautiful view of the field, rivers as well as the mountain. Lunch will be served on the most beautiful view of Putung Restaurant, where you can see Indian Ocean And Nusa Penida Island .

Tour includes :

*Hotel transfer *Refreshment *English/ German guide *Lunch *Young coconut *Donation to the Village *Insurance.

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