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We pick up you in the morning at 7.30 am from your hotel for driving to the foothill of Mt. Batukaru to enjoy walking about 2 hours. The trek starts from the bridge and walk through the riverbank , up the hill with stunning view of the rice terraces with brilliant green and yellow color all year around. The trails is amazing with hill, valleys, river, irrigation system, spring water, as well as tropical plantation like coffee, cacao, bamboo forest and temple shrines. We will also visit a big temple that is located on the top hill near bamboo forest totally about 14 hectares large in which inhabited by 500 monkeys living together. At the end of the trek we will pamper our self at hot spring to enjoy swimming, showering or bathing with hot water. Before back to the hotel , lunch will be served at local restaurant.

MUNCAN – TABOLA – SIDEMEN TREK ( Long trek 3-4 hrs)

MUNCAN – TABOLA – SIDEMEN TREK ( Long trek 3-4 hrs)

The trek start from the village of Padang Aji on the slope of Mt. Agung where you can see beautiful view. Pass salak plantation (snake skin fruit), spring water, rice paddies, village , bamboo forest, rice terraces , coffee, clove, cacao and many more of tropical plantation. On the half way of the trek, you will be served by young coconut on the village by local people. Then continue through bamboo forest, villages and beautiful view of the field, rivers as well as the mountain. Lunch will be served on the most beautiful view of Putung Restaurant, where you can see Indian Ocean And Nusa Penida Island .

Tour includes :

*Hotel transfer *Refreshment *English/ German guide *Lunch *Young coconut *Donation to the Village *Insurance.



This trek approximately 2 – 2,5 hours walking on the rice field. The trek start from the dam of Kastala near Bebandem Village. Walking through beautiful rice field down the hill and the river, tropical plantation, coconut, banana and more. The trek will finish at Tenganan traditional ikat ( hand weaving cloth) both single and double ikat which is made by family from years to years. At the end of the trek you will be welcomed by young coconut. Then heading back to the restaurant for lunch. Back to hotel.

Tour Includes :

*Hotel transfer *Refreshment *English / German Guide *Lunch *Young coconut *Donation to the Village * Insurance.


Pick up time 07.30 Min : 2 person Duration : 3 – 4 hrs

This is the combination of jungle trek and canoeing. Beginning with jungle trek that takes walk about 2 hours in the jungle to see various plantation around the lake Buyan and the lake Tamblingan , then followed by taking traditional wooden canoe to explore about the tranquility of the beauty of the lake. This canoeing takes about one hour and proceed to the restaurant for lunch.

Tour Condition : Moderate to easy, shady and hot, good for all ages, 3 to 4 hours activities.

Tour Time : All season

What to bring : Hat, sport wear, long trouser, insect repellent, sport shoes.

Include : Transportation , Refreshment , Trekking, Canoeing, Lunch, English / German Guide, Insurance.



Duration: 2 to 3 hours canoeing
Start / Finish: Bali (Tamblingan or Buyan Lake)
Pick up time: 07.30 am ( Sanur, Nusa Dua, Kuta area )
Condition: Easy

We take you to the mountain area of lush tropical rain forest on the wild and scenic Buyan Lake. Our local native fisherman and experienced guide will take you to the tranquil lake and purely undisturbed by mass tourism. With traditional wooden canoe we will paddle we will paddle you to explore the lake and the wilderness. Solitary and historical temple will be visited on the paddle. This is really amazing experiences to relive the adventure and unforgettable memories.

Hotel transfer
English/German & others


Duration : 3 to 4 hours
Start / Finish : Bali (Wanagiri – Ambengan Singaraja )
Condition : Moderate
Pick up time : 06.00 am ( Sanur, Nusa Dua, Kuta area )

A 4 hours trek with our experienced and knowledgeable guide lead you into secluded and picturesque highlands of Bali’s countryside, where the village life is not affected by mass – tourism. The trail has good representative of highland ecology for both dry and wet agriculture. Here you can see the green environment of all plantation grow up from low land to the mountains such as : vegetables, coffee, oranges, clove vanilla beans, cacao, and much more…………We will take a rest to have refreshment on the beautiful village temple while enjoying view of the old city and northern coastal of Bali. Then walk down through the jungle to visit one of the biggest and the most amazing waterfall on the Island that never visited by both local and tourist up to now. Then the trek continue to see the most amazing view of intricate rice fields terraces and subak, one of the most sophisticated and oldest irrigation system management in Bali used by the farmers for thousand years. Lunch will be served at the end of the trek in one of local restaurant.

Trek Condition : Moderate, from hill down, age from 7 to 55 years old, 3 to 4 hours walking.

Trek Time : All season


Duration: 8 to 10 hours trek on the jungle
Start / Finish: Bali ( Tamblingan – Jatiluwih )
Condition: Hard trek
Pick up : 06.00 am ( Sanur, Nusa Dua, Kuta area )

We pick up you early morning at 06.00 am for driving up to the cold climate of Bedugul. This trek is designed for those who are really adventurer and willing to explore about flora and fauna in deep Indonesian tropical rain forest. This trek about 9 hours crosses from north to south valley. Our native qualified and experienced guide will lead you into the heart land of Bali’s undisturbed wilderness. A long of beaten track you will see the huge and high canopied tress ferns, palm, wild orchids, deer, wild pig, baboon, squirrel, beaver, porcupine, birds and much more…….A picnic lunch will be served on the trail of the wild forest. This trek is suitable for the age of 14 to 55 years old or veteran a like. We will arrive back at the hotel about 20.00 pm.

Hotel transfer
Picnic lunch / Porter
English/German & French guide